Sunday, April 13, 2014

New Acquisitions: Adrian Cooke and Kitty Puppenmobel

I know, quite a combination of acquisitions here...but I like the unexpected nature of this, and it speaks to my inclinations as a collector.

This soft metal chair set was made by Adrian Cooke of the USA in the late 1800s. I've seen these chairs before in reference books and on other blogs so they caught my interest when they popped up on eBay; my best offer price of $30.99 was accepted. I challenged myself to use the chairs in one of my midcentury houses, which was fun.

The Kitty Puppenmobel pieces came in their original box, very cool. Also bought on eBay, the set, which dates from the early 1960s, was a best offer purchase of $18.99. These pieces were not as difficult to use in one of my houses, but the light blue and yellow colors were a bit of a challenge.

Any new "opposite acquisitions" lately? Do you like to collect like this too?

Credits: Adrian Cooke scene: table by PRD Miniatures; globe lamp by minimodernistas; cabinet is vintage German. Accessories are Dragondee, Re-ment, Michaels, minimodernistas, The Shopping Sherpa, and Lilu Shop on Etsy. Puppenmobel scene: table is Ryan's Room; arc lamp is an eBay find; initial pillows by Dale's Dreams; side table by Patie of minisx2. Accessories are K. Delaney, Ray Storey, and dollhouse show finds.

The time it took me: 45 minutes combined


  1. Una buena compra!!! los muebles son preciosos y el pequeño perro adorable!!! Sabrá cuidar muy bien la casa.

  2. esas sillas son increibles , me encantan, y los muebles de los años 60 , son fantasticos ,



  3. Nice purchases...they look right at home.

  4. you made some great buys, I love the sofa and chairs even got a tv and a picture ..what a score :)


  5. Oh, you bought the set of Kitty furniture! I saw your link on facebook, and emailed the ebay auction to Astrid. It's the same box that Crailsheimer used in Germany, but instead of saying Crailsheimer Puppenmöbel, it has Kitty - but the set you posted about on facebook has Kitty Doll Furniture - is this a different lot of the same set?
    I love how you've used the Adrian Cooke set - it looks very at home with the muted abstract all and floor coverings!

  6. Everything is nice, but the Cooke chairs are beautiful!

  7. Nice finds. I love the way you put them together!

  8. Nice finds! I love the way you put them together.