Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WallPops! Featuring Jonathan Adler

OK, I am in love. 

You've probably caught drift of an ongoing trend in 1:1 scale design over the past few years -- wall decals -- but I cannot say that they have taken hold of the world of modern miniature design. It has occurred to me in the past to try to adapt decals for scenes, but the scale of the prints never seemed right (mostly too large) and they generally were not aesthetically appealing (too childlike or too ho-hum).

Until now...!

One of the highlights of my visit to the New York International Gift Fair (my review of NYIGF and Toy Fair is forthcoming) was the WallPops! line of decals, especially their collaboration with Jonathan Adler. I was blown away by the bold, gorgeous prints, and knew that I could use them in modern mini environments.

I tried the "Santorini" Stripe roll, which measures 6-1/2" wide and 12' long and retails for $17.99.

I chose my Kaleidoscope House for this scene, thinking that the plastic panels would make for a smooth backdrop. The roll has an adhesive backing that is REMOVABLE -- yes, it did easily peel off without any residue or damage -- and they are very easy to cut to size, apply, and smooth down.

The room is transformed into a chic, mod (shoe) den! I even was inspired to use some of my gold Deco Tape on the ladder, to help integrate it more in the room.

I see a lot of uses for WallPops! for modern dollhouses and room boxes, and it is nice to have a creative alternative to scrapbook paper. In addition to the rolls, there are coordinating designs that come in "dots" (13" in diameter) and "blox" (13" x 13" sheets), so you could easily adapt them for flooring, wall paper, and ceiling decoration. I would not recommend applying WallPops! over existing wallpaper, but plastic or wood walls would work well. Regardless, I do recommend testing a small, inconspicuous spot of the surface to ensure the decal easily peels off.

Thanks, WallPops!, and please let me know if any of you decide to take the leap into decals!

Credits: Daybed is Reac; sideboard is vintage German; vase is a dollhouse show find; flooring is Indian Embossed Pebbles paper from Kate's Paperie; globe light is minimodernistas. Accessories are Barbie, Re-ment, and AG Minis

The time it took me: 2 hours (I fussed over furnishings, even though it ended up being pretty minimal)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hightstown Miniature Show: 2013

The priciest piece--I negotiated down to $15.

The Hightstown Miniature Show in Hightstown, N.J., was on Saturday and I was able to run over for 1-1/2 hours. It's quite ideal: small (it's held in a church activity room), fifteen minutes from my house, nice people, and not a lot of vendors (maybe twenty or so). The drawback is that the wares are overwhelmingly traditional, but as with my visit last year, you can find some vintage gems and other treasures from the $1 bin!

My spoils are in the following photos. I probably did five or six laps around the room, making sure I hit each vendor. I spent more time at some than others, and often found things on my second or third round that I didn't see earlier. Read the captions for more detail!

I hope to use some of these pieces very soon!

The whole lot! I spent less than $75

Neat rug with some handmade purses, a tool box, birdhouse, and a fancy decanter.

I have a feeling this light will come in handy.

A reindeer head came home with me, even though the seller dropped him as she was wrapping him! We glued him on the spot and he's ready for his closeup.

A fireplace and a few knickknacks will likely come in handy. Not sure what the wooden piece is, but it looked like a modern house to me! 

Vintage fabric, a moose painting, fancy gloves, and some accents caught my eye. 

More stuff...

A wooden shelving unit will always come in handy!

Good for rain!

Cute placemats!

The find of the day: a Lundby "Brasilia" office chair, which I have been looking for to match my other Brasilia pieces: it was $5!!!!

This was one of the more unusual finds of the day.

I still think this could work as a modern dollhouse in a dollhouse!
Hit any fairs lately? Any coming your way? Be sure to share your spoils!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Shoes

This is one of those scenes completely inspired by a Re-ment purchase. It has certainly happened before and will happen again!

This time, it is #5 from the "Department Store Shopping" set, which includes a Louis Vuitton-style pair of shoes, suitcase, datebook, and pen with case. All very realistic!

Obviously, there's lots of brown going on here, so I chose a masculine paper to complement the pieces, and accessorized the room from there. I like this little spot in the Bodensee -- a nice corner room with a view!

By the way, if you are interested to see Re-ment sets compiled, Renatta has developed a wonderful resource at her webpage, iamneverbored. Go and have a look!

And...if you are looking to purchase Re-ment, Jane of Harapekodoggybag has an amazing selection and her prices are fair, even with shipping from Japan. The quality of her pieces is pristine, and she has many older, discontinued sets. Warning: you will buy something!

Stay tuned for my recap of the New York International Gift Fair and the Toy Fair! Posting soon!

Credits: Chairs are Bodo Hennig; table is Petite Princess; storage unit is vintage German, likely VERO; Rug is a cut piece of embossed felt from Michaels; light is vintage German; planter is by Lene of Dragondee Modern Miniatures; wallpaper is scrapbook paper from DCWV "Downtown Loft" stack. Accessories are Re-ment, Petite Princess, AG Minis, and random dollhouse store finds.

The time it took me: 42 minutes

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Collection

I've been asked many times: how many houses do you have in your collection?

I usually stumble, mainly because I have not compiled them in one post to date. It seems like such a simple thing, considering this hobby entails some level of attention to detail, but...

The Shopping Sherpa compiled all of her houses into a resource page a few years ago when she was preparing for an exhibit of her houses, and this has inspired me to do the same. I often go an drool over her houses and it's nice that they are all accessible for quick viewing!

I decided to create this post and I can add to it when new things enter in my collection. I will put a link on the sidebar of my blog too so that it can be accessed by the curious.

Hope you enjoy my little tour...

Here are my dollhouses in rough order of acquisition, beginning in 2008. I included the year of production--or the closest approximation--for each structure, and I have hyperlinked to the first post on the house. I also note if the house is made from a kit or was a scratch build from plans; if there is no notation, then the house was built by the manufacturer or required assembly.

Please note that I have grouped room boxes, fold away/pop up houses, and vintage school rooms together in one category after the collection listing.

Call of the Small Collection

1. Villa Sibi, 2004

2. Lolly's Citadel, 1980s (kit)

3. Sylvanian by TOMY, early 1980s

4. Lundby Stockholm, 2005

5. Kaleidoscope House, 2001

6. VERO, early 1970s

7. Large VERO, 1966

8. BRIO, 1966

9. A-Frame by Whitman, 1978 (kit)

10. "L" Ranch by Marx, 1953

11. Smaller Home and Garden by TOMY, 1980

12. Bungalow by Haefner & Krullmann, early 1960s

13. BRIO Chalet, 1963 SOLD in October 2014

13. Betsy McCall House, 1950s (build)

14. Highland by Artply, 1980s (kit)

15. House by Moritz Gottschalk, early 1960s

16. Contemporary Dollhouse by Doll Domiciles (under construction), 1970s/80s (build)

17. Bodensee by Bodo Hennig, 1981

18. Seeblick (Sea View) by VERO, 1960s

Room Boxes, Fold Away/Pop Up Houses, Smaller Scale Houses, and Vintage School Houses

IKEA Room Box, 2010

German School Room, 1960s  SOLD in January 2015

Fold Away Dollhouse, 1949

Instant Dollhouse by Winthrop, 1960s

Crate & Barrel Room Box, 2010

Fish Condo by UMBRA, 2010

Lil' House Wonderfull, 1981

Plasticville Structures, 1950s

Room Box by AG Minis, 2000

School Room by Bodo Hennig for F.A.O Schwarz, early 1960s

Tissue Boxes by Crate & Barrel, 2011

Room-in-Miniature Room Box and Furniture by Miner Industries, early 1960s

Cadet Room Box, 2011

Neville House by CB2, 2011

Rad Pad, 2011

Epoch Play House, 1973

Lekman Box by IKEA, 2000s (?)

Jennys Home, 1965

Ben Holiday House by CB2, 2012

Vinyl Modern House by Ideal, 1970

Blue Box House, 1980

Loft to Love, 2015

Anyone have their own mini resource page for their collection?