Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Collection

I've been asked many times: how many houses do you have in your collection?

I usually stumble, mainly because I have not compiled them in one post to date. It seems like such a simple thing, considering this hobby entails some level of attention to detail, but...

The Shopping Sherpa compiled all of her houses into a resource page a few years ago when she was preparing for an exhibit of her houses, and this has inspired me to do the same. I often go an drool over her houses and it's nice that they are all accessible for quick viewing!

I decided to create this post and I can add to it when new things enter in my collection. I will put a link on the sidebar of my blog too so that it can be accessed by the curious.

Hope you enjoy my little tour...

Here are my dollhouses in rough order of acquisition, beginning in 2008. I included the year of production--or the closest approximation--for each structure, and I have hyperlinked to the first post on the house. I also note if the house is made from a kit or was a scratch build from plans; if there is no notation, then the house was built by the manufacturer or required assembly.

Please note that I have grouped room boxes, fold away/pop up houses, and vintage school rooms together in one category after the collection listing.

Call of the Small Collection

1. Villa Sibi, 2004

2. Lolly's Citadel, 1980s (kit)

3. Sylvanian by TOMY, early 1980s

4. Lundby Stockholm, 2005

5. Kaleidoscope House, 2001

6. VERO, early 1970s

7. Large VERO, 1966

8. BRIO, 1966

9. A-Frame by Whitman, 1978 (kit)

10. "L" Ranch by Marx, 1953

11. Smaller Home and Garden by TOMY, 1980

12. Bungalow by Haefner & Krullmann, early 1960s

13. BRIO Chalet, 1963 SOLD in October 2014

13. Betsy McCall House, 1950s (build)

14. Highland by Artply, 1980s (kit)

15. House by Moritz Gottschalk, early 1960s

16. Contemporary Dollhouse by Doll Domiciles (under construction), 1970s/80s (build)

17. Bodensee by Bodo Hennig, 1981

18. Seeblick (Sea View) by VERO, 1960s

Room Boxes, Fold Away/Pop Up Houses, Smaller Scale Houses, and Vintage School Houses

IKEA Room Box, 2010

German School Room, 1960s  SOLD in January 2015

Fold Away Dollhouse, 1949

Instant Dollhouse by Winthrop, 1960s

Crate & Barrel Room Box, 2010

Fish Condo by UMBRA, 2010

Lil' House Wonderfull, 1981

Plasticville Structures, 1950s

Room Box by AG Minis, 2000

School Room by Bodo Hennig for F.A.O Schwarz, early 1960s

Tissue Boxes by Crate & Barrel, 2011

Room-in-Miniature Room Box and Furniture by Miner Industries, early 1960s

Cadet Room Box, 2011

Neville House by CB2, 2011

Rad Pad, 2011

Epoch Play House, 1973

Lekman Box by IKEA, 2000s (?)

Jennys Home, 1965

Ben Holiday House by CB2, 2012

Vinyl Modern House by Ideal, 1970

Blue Box House, 1980

Loft to Love, 2015

Anyone have their own mini resource page for their collection?


  1. I should have a resource page for my collection, but I do not. I have sold so many over the past couple of years because I'm always adding more. I guess I'm always on the hunt for the next beauty to love. Always loving them and then leaving them. I should be ashamed of myself, I know. Still drooling over that Bodensee, man!

    1. Part of the impetus for doing this post was to encourage other collectors to do the same...! Maybe you will consider it? I admire your ability to sell houses to make room for new ones. I have sold two or three over the years, but those are few and far between. I don't know if I could give any of these babies up!! I want to do another scene in the Bodensee soon...it is an intimidating house.

  2. Great inventory. Love to see the historical development in Modern Dollhouse design too~ CM

    1. Thanks, CM! This was fun for me to do :)

  3. Great collection, but I love the Villa Sibi best of all.

    1. I'm a big fan of the Villa Sibi, too. And of course it was my very first house, so it hold special meaning.

  4. tienes una gran cantidad de casitas, gracias por compartirla



  5. Your collection is amazing! I love how you have them on display too. Thank you so much for taking the time to share each one!


    1. Hi, Kathi! I wish all of them could be on display, but I can't fit them all!!! And some of the houses are in long-term "rehab," like the Citadel and Artply.

  6. Wow! What a collection. I love looking through at so much variety, and history too. I'll have to go check out TSS, I didn't know she had one as well!
    I've just got the one dollhouse, and one (and a half roomboxes). All plywood scratch builds. I'm boring, no need to make a reference :)

    1. Thanks! Yes, check out TSS -- amazing. She has some gems.

  7. OMG I am so impressed! I've never seen anything like this. you make me wish I had kept my first dollhouse!


    1. My very first dollhouse is long gone...I think I was 7 or 8. :)

  8. You've a great collection.
    Bye Faby

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  10. What a wonderful blog! Stop by and check mine out at thehomelyfowl.blogspot.com Maybe you could give me some pointers on how to make it better and attract viewers? Thanks so much! -- Melissa

    1. Congrats on your blog, Melissa! I don't have any great pointers, other than to stick with it, and read and comment on other similar blogs to yours. Good luck!

  11. Wow w o w, gorgeous Collection! Love that you shared them with us, thank you!

    1. Hi, Kikka! Glad you liked my little tour!!! :)

  12. Wow, this is amazing! I wish I could see the collection in person and really see all the details. We've got a rule in our house that I'm only allowed to have as many dolls houses as we have rooms in the home we are living in at the time...:-)

    1. My Mr. likes your rule Annina.

    2. I wish you could come here in person, too! I have definitely broken your rule!!! Our real house is very accommodating, but the basement room is maxed out. The Bodensee displaced two houses, so I had to reorganize!

  13. Drool. Such an amazing collection!!! I love the eras your houses span. Sooo many gems!

    Have you seen Mary's Dollhouse Nook?

    My dream is to have a room like yours (or her basement) to fill. For now my houses are spread into any room with a corner.

    On my blog, I have a page dedicated to my houses, with links to all posts on each house and flickr sets:

    Which reminds me, I really need to do something with that Emerson. One of these days...

    Thanks for showcasing all of your homes!

    1. Thanks for the links, especially to your resource page -- love it!!! It is nice to have most of my collection together, but there are some houses scattered around our real house. Two are in the living room, and others are in workrooms undergoing some needed rehab. There's always room for one more, though... :)

  14. oh man. OH MAN. SUPER ENVIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! really nice collection....OH MANNNNNNNNNN.

    A Crate & Barrel is finally opening here in SG. Said expected opening date was Dec 2012, but last i went (mid Jan 2013) it was still under renovations :( I hope they carry the small house, then I can almost stop coveting XD XD XD really nice post! I'll have to take time to explore each house.....

    1. Thanks, Cindy!! Good luck at your Crate & Barrel! I always find me some deals ;) Let me know what you get on your first visit!!

  15. How I love seeing the dollhouses in other collections...and how they are displayed....little voyerism going on there! I don't have a resource post of my little houses but I do have a lot of them pictured by category on the Pages section of my blog. Great idea to link to posts..that helped me to enjoy yours all over again!

    1. Howdy! I, too, love to see how others store their houses and stuff! I will go and check out your houses! You've got some gems :)

  16. Your collection is to die for! It brings up so many memories of my 60's & 70's childhood. Thank you for sharing this and bringing back those memories.

  17. Always awesome to see and read about your collections dear! hugs, gg

  18. And people say I have many houses, I don't even have 10 of them ;) (think they are 7 right now, I lost count already ;) ) I love all of your houses! And you are so talented in furnishing them and make them look at there best! Hannah