Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dog Digs and DIY

While I did not intend for this mini environment to be for canines, it all came together as such once the grass "carpeting" made it onto the floor of my IKEA Lekman room box. This Schleich puppy seems quite content in his doggy pad. We now have a (real) doggy, a four-year-old PBGV named Layla, and she is definitely a loving little couch potato.

One of her favorite poses!
Cute, right?

The benches here are my form of DIY. I am always amazed by those out there who offer wonderful tutorials on their mini creations--such as MitchyMoo, Otterine, Meagan, and so many others--and do great things with their hands. My DIY is *way* simpler and does not merit a tutorial, but rather a series of simple photos that hopefully tell the story!

In this case, the benches are metal tissue holders from CB2, purchased at my Crate & Barrel outlet for $7 each. I used some cool grey crosshatch fabric from Jo Ann Fabrics, and wrapped it around a foam insert from a recent box delivery. I cut the foam to size, sealed the fabric together with a little fabric glue and stapled it down. Nothing to it.

My sister-in-law gave me these amazing Dragonfly scissors for cutting fabric

A little Fabric Fusion goes a long way

The lamp is made of craft store Styrofoam balls, stuck onto a memo clip (with the clip removed), also from my Crate & Barrel outlet. It's space age and fit for this doggie's pad, no?

The coffee table is a puzzle box, and the profile works with these low benches. See that magazine and carved elephant on the table? They are from Rosa of Minismodernas, as a thank you for entering their anniversary contest. Megan of Modern Mini Houses took home the prize for her awesome setup. Congrats to her, and thanks to Rosa for her sweet gesture!

I chose the back wallpaper from the "Serenity Stack" by DCWV. This one looked like a dog collar or chain, so up it went!

By the way, if you think this pad is fancy for a dog, you should check out some of the custom dog abodes featured in a recent New York Times article. Bow WOW.
Courtesy of the New York Times website

Credits: Benches are DIY tissue holders, foam, and fabric; table is a puzzle box; chair is Reac; plants are vintage TOMY; round side table is Mighty World; lamp is a DIY memo clip and Styrofoam balls; flooring and wallpaper are from scrapbook paper stacks. Accessories are mini gifts and Michael's.

The time it took me: 1 hour, 15 minutes, including DIY

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Subconscious Intent

My last post spurred some very helpful comments and discussion about clutter and how you might approach it. Thank you!!! I loved reading all of the ideas and commentary, some of which made me laugh, some of which impressed me, and much of which made me realize that I have some work to do!!

On the topic of mini clutter, the newest issue of Dolls Houses Past & Present is out, and in addition to developing very interesting reads about collections and storage, Rebecca asked if she could include in the issue what I have written over the past few years about my collection, and in particular about my storage triumphs and challenges. It was fun to see it all compiled into one article -- read it if you get a chance and please check out the rest of the issue!

This scene tumbled out of my brain. I was on autopilot most of the time and it was a lot of fun to do. What I can tell you is that my very dear friend D. was heavily in my thoughts, since she was in labor with her second child, a girl born late last night. Perhaps that is why I was drawn to a new free downloadable wallpaper by Herman Miller (read more about it). There are eleven, but this pink geometric one caught my eye and ended up on the floor of my IKEA room box.

A little background on the setting and accessories. The colorful wall squares are magnets from Staples. See?

Happy coincidence that the back wall of the IKEA box is metal, so they stuck right on! I randomly placed them above an AG Minis shelf (also magnetic) and accessorized from there. I love the little matryoshkas! And the girly boombox is from an eraser set by Kid Robot

There's another little eraser bear tucked in the crib, too. About that womb-like  "crib" -- it is a votive holder from the Crate & Barrel Outlet that had a previous life as a base for a fire pit in one of my other scenes. The bottom of the crib is made of two napkin ring holders, which I got as part of a *free* bag of "junk" at a recent estate sale:

It may not look it, but this crib is soft and comfy, I swear. :)

Welcome to the world, little J.!

Credits: Wall art consists of magnets from Staples; shelving is AG Minis; light is minimodernistas; chair is Reac; "crib" is a Bambu votive holder from the Crate & Barrel Outlet, with a base of estate sale napkin holders; planter is Playmobil. Accessories are from Housing Works Thrift Shop, Jazams, random doll house store finds, and Kid Robot.

The time it took me: 28 minutes

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Floating Desk

This desk floats in my world.


Well you can't see it here, but my houses and collection are in complete disarray right now and I wish I could float above it all. I feel so guilty about the sad state of my things, and really need to buckle down and clean it all up into some semblance of organization.

Any good tips to get me started?? It's not like I haven't done this before, but I think I need some new ideas. How do you motivate to clean it all up?

The precariously slanted desk is courtesy of Staples, specifically a clear plastic business card holder...see?

The desk rises above a neat little floor, created from a cut-up place mat from Marshall's. Once I snipped off a few of the strings holding it together, they cascaded down, dashing my hopes for a neat little square.

So, I picked up pieces randomly and quickly laid them out, hoping they would fit neatly. Notice the random assortment of stuff lurking outside the house. Yup.

Wish me luck as I conquer the mess.

Credits: Chair is Reac; desk is a business card holder from Staples; credenzas are vintage German; light is a vintage Lundby floor lamp; plant is an eBay find; side table and wastebasket are Re-ment; flooring is a cut-up place mat; large wall artwork is a key holder turned upside down with charms from Michael's. Accessories are Re-ment, Manor House Miniatures, handmade by The Shopping Sherpa, ELF Miniatures, dollhouse show finds, and beads from Michael's and Jo Ann Fabric.

The time it took me: 35 minutes