Sunday, April 29, 2012

Second Time Around

Ever go to rummage or estate sales and look intently around for a buy? You do a loop through the aisles and weave through the tables and think you've seen all that is there...but then you think to take a second look, and poof! You've found a little treasure!

I'm getting to my point here: this desk in my Gottschalk room box. It's actually not really a miniature desk; I  cannot tell you what it was intended for, though. Perhaps some sort of napkin holder, or other household contraption? I found it at a local church rummage sale this weekend and picked it on that second time around the housewares room for a cool quarter (half off the original price of fifty cents)!

I've used the humble little "desk" here with a very sophisticated piece by Patie of minisx2 on Etsy. You might recall from this post that my first Zig Zag shelving arrived broken...I used it anyway because it is so awesome, but Patie whipped up a replacement one with an extra set of gray-greenish sliding panels! It is lovely, no?

Do you like to mix "high" with "low"?


Credits: Couch is minimodernistas; shoe shelf is vintage German; desk is a rummage sale find; chair is CB2; zig zag shelving is by minisx2; plant and lamp are AG Minis; planter is from West Elm; filing box is by The Shopping Sherpa. Accessories are Re-ment, ELF Miniatures, Nancy Tobey, The Shopping Sherpa, AG Minis, Michaels, and random doll house store finds.

The time it took me: 27 minutes

Monday, April 23, 2012


Our lilac bush has come back to life this year after some careful pruning and love from my husband, who has done an amazing job of keeping our yard lovely. He gave me a little clipping this weekend and it really smelled heavenly. I felt inspired to use a few sprigs in a scene.

Odd that they would end up in a somewhat dark A-frame cabin, but then it all made sense. I still had lilac-colored silk papers on the upstairs walls, and the earthiness of the place helped to bring it all together.

Curious about the bed? Well, lots of soap dish magic here -- the base is a marble soap dish (you can see it more exposed in this scene from a while ago), and the headboard is a modern chrome one. I covered the middle section of the A-frame window with a card illustrated with tree branches that came as packing material in a large shipment of books at work. I saw them when I unpacked a few boxes and knew I could make use of them eventually, and then a colleague passed along some too, thinking I might find them useful for my minis! The "crest" above the headboard is a neat little object that I got with a vintage set of furnishings some time ago. I don't think it was ever intended for minis, but obviously the seller saw potential...!

You'll see that I like to change furnishings and other accents around when I am shooting my photographs; in this case, I changed the bedside lamp from a brass one to a silver and moved around the little "baskets" by the bed (they are actually napkin rings stuffed with cut pieces of natural sponge). I couldn't quite figure out which configurations I liked best, so you'll see my thought process at work here ;)

Credits: Bed is made of a marble soap dish base and a chrome soap dish headboard; coverlet and pillows are handmade by The Shopping Sherpa; round side table is Re-ment; crest is a vintage find -- not sure what it was originally meant for; brass lamp is vintage Petite Princess and chrome lamp is vintage German; baskets are napkin rings from West Elm, filled with natural sponge; side table in corner is Concord Miniatures; red couch is vintage Brio; cork side table is from Michaels; desk is made of a vintage Lundby table top with a piece of soap dish packaging as a top, and base is a napkin ring from Crate & Barrel; desk chair is Reac; rug is Peppercorn Minis. Accessories are AG Minis, Re-ment, Manor House Miniatures, ELF Miniatures, and eBay finds.

The time it took me: 48 minutes

Monday, April 16, 2012

Vintage German Gone Wild

A nice little vintage German living room set arrived to me last week from eBay, and I felt compelled to set it up against an unexpected backdrop in my Lundby Stockholm. The set is sized closer to 1:16 than 1:12. Here it is in its original box. The overall box is likely missing -- all I have is the base and dust cover.

$3 -- seriously??? I did not pay $3.
I especially LOVE the profile of the chairs and their pattern.

The tapered plant is quite lovely as well, and I don't have one like it. I tried to use only the set in this scene, but did end up adding a few extras.

The wallpaper is from the Paper Source, but I cannot locate it online. The quality is truly amazing. The colors are so crisp and vibrant. I love how the green matches the green of the existing house walls. You might think it would clash with the furnishings and lamp here, but they all "pop out" the way they should. It's a bit of a wild combination, though!

Credits: Chairs, table, plant and bookcase are from a vintage German set; stacked unit is also vintage German; mirror is by Annina; plant stand is AG Minis; rug is by Dale's Dreams on Etsy; lamp is vintage Lundby. Accessories are Michael's and from eBay.

The time it took me: 37 minutes

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tea House

I have been extremely busy these days with work and family, and have not had much time for my minis. The level of disorganization here is pretty high, and I feel like none of my houses have a tidy spot for a scene!

Perhaps that is why I chose to do a setup in my IKEA room box, which was (basically) empty. I had a day off on Friday with my two older children, and we had a great time together. One of our stops was the Crate & Barrel Outlet store in Cranbury, NJ, which always yields something for mini play. In addition to lots of Reed chair ornaments for under $1, I scored a silver teardrop ornament that reminded me of the 1:1 scale ModFire fire pits, which were reproduced amazingly in 1:12 by Pepper of MitchyMoo Miniatures. My approach was far lazier than Pepper' attempt whatsoever to craft anything with my hands! Instead, I placed it in a Bambu votive holder (on clearance for $1.50), and built my scene around that.

The tea kettle stand is a condiment bowl, also from the clearance bin ($1.95). The flooring is from a sheet of the "Maze Pool and Papaya" paper from the Paper Source. It has an Easter palette so I felt inspired to use it here. The black shelf is a throwback to my childhood -- it was given to me by a family friend, who somehow ended up with a box of my dollhouse stuff from when I was a kid. I initially brushed it off as something I wouldn't use, but then I reconsidered for this scene.

Happy creating!

Credits: Fire pit is an ornament from CB2 and its stand is a votive holder by Bambu; chair is vintage Lundby; planter is Playmobil with an aquarium plant; light is minimodernistas; tea kettle stand is a condiment dish from Crate & Barrel; shelving is from my childhood collection. Accessories are Re-ment, random eBay finds, and Lomography.

The time it took me: 40 minutes