Wednesday, February 29, 2012


A few of my purchases from the Highstown Miniature Show have made it into a bedroom scene in my VERO. The Art Deco-style bed is very simple in form, and I like the black shiny lacquer finish. The galvanized tub worked nicely as a sleek receptacle for cozy blankets (actually scraps of fabric).

See the fireplace? It is part of the new modern line from, as are the rattan stools, which I have used as bedside tables. The pieces are made of resin and so far I am pleased. The flames do not look entirely realistic up close, but do the trick from father away. And in the spirit of not-entirely-realistic, it is propped up against a column, which is not really a chimney!!

The flooring here is more of that shelf liner that I used in my Villa Sibi, when I (re)discovered Con-Tact adhesive paper. I like the texture a lot, but it does not sit flush with the floor and does not tack down easily; it curled a bit at the front edge of the room. Oh well. I tried not to show this in the photos :)

I was originally going to put artwork of some sort over the bed, but then I pulled out a piece of cardboard wrapped in decorative paper from the Paper was last used in one of my Umbra Fish Hotels as flooring. It came in handy as a decorative backdrop. Speaking of decorative backdrop, a Chilewich place mat conceals the mess of my worktable, outside the window!

Off to bed!

Credits: Bed and galvanized tub are finds from the Hightstown Miniature Show; side tables and fireplace from; globe lights are minimodernistas; plant is toHOLD on Etsy; chair is Reac; flooring is shelf liner from the Home Depot; backdrop outside window is a Chilewich place mat. Accessories are AG Minis, Lilu Shop on Etsy, minimodernistas, and handmade by The Shopping Sherpa.

The time it took me: 27 minutes

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hightstown Miniature Show

Just a quick post to share my spoils from a local dollhouse show that I attended yesterday in Hightstown, NJ, about 15 minutes away from me: The Hightstown Annual Dollhouse Miniature Show and Sale. As I mentioned in my previous post, I rarely go to shows and had not been to this one, which is in its 33rd (!) year, but I really had no excuse, considering how close it is to me!

I'm glad I went. It was super crowded and often hard to navigate, but there were some gems to be found in the 1-1/2 hours I was there. Oddly, I felt like I was the only one negotiating...nothing crazy, and my offers were always fair, but I didn't see bargaining going on. Personally, I can't help's how I was raised! :)

So, here's my finds. As you might imagine, traditional styles reigned, but I did manage to score some great modern stuff.

Check out these two gorgeous artisan-made shelving units sold by a mother and daughter team; the maker's name is Bruce Dawson, and he has an Etsy shop. You'll see his initials on the bottom of one of the units. They were marked down and I negotiated further to get them both for $20.

Some nice outdoor trees, two bags for $15 (originally marked down to $17.50)

Kids toys, accents, and games (all between .25 and $2) 

Two Native American looking rugs, for $4

An Art Deco style bed, for $5

A very surprising find of a Scandinavian style chair and table by Re-ment (one of my favorites) for $2 in a clearance bin

Some vintage TOMY bath items, for $2

Two cute patio chairs ($5), a galvanized tub ($1) and a basket of fruit (.50)

Cool wallpaper (two sheets for $5)

A carved wooden mini Asian shelf for $7

Not too bad, eh? Can't wait to use some of these soon!

Friday, February 24, 2012


Mushrooms! I couldn't resist picking up a few of these brass mushroom drawer pulls from the clearance bin ($5.95) at Anthropologie. I love their sheen and texture and thought they might work as ottomans in a mod scene. I actually do not have a harmonious relationship with mushrooms...I've despised them since I was a kid, but have been trying to be more open minded in my adult years. They are on my list of things to try and love this year. Cucumbers and fish were last year (usually separate, not together!).

Why ottomans? Well, I guess they could be stools or a side table too. I actually googled "mushroom ottoman," and was pretty floored by all the results. Here are a few, some more literal than others!

Cream ottoman

A 1968 ottoman by Pierre Paulin

Plush ottoman on Etsy

Storage ottoman

Anyone growing any mushroom ottomans in their dollhouses?

Maybe I'll find a fungi or two at a local dollhouse show tomorrow morning. I haven't been to a show in a long while, so we'll see what I turn up!

Credits: Mushroom ottomans from Anthropologie; couch is minimodernistas; couch platform are two wood flooring samples from Home Depot; desk is ELF Miniatures; shelving is PRD (totally lazy and moved it directly from another scene); chair is a vintage eBay find; plant is AG Minis; croissant plate on couch by Petit Plat. Accessories are AG Minis, Lilu Shop on Etsy, Re-ment, Mighty World, my local toy store, beads, ELF Miniatures, and Manor House Miniatures.

The time it took me: 32 minutes

Thursday, February 16, 2012


I didn't feel totally inspired to do a Valentine's Day post -- though I am very glad some blogging buddies did, like Mini Modern and Modern Mini Houses -- and instead ended up with a post-Valentine contemplative scene. I had this Kaleidoscope House doll lying around from my book cover job assignment (like Jasper, she did not make the cut either), and placed her looking off the balcony in a forlorn way...perhaps she just got up from her writing and is in a thoughtful space. She seems a little sad perhaps, but in control of the moment.

Credits: Table is vintage Bodo Hennig with an ornament on top from Crate & Barrel; chairs are CB2; shelving unit is ELF Miniatures; hanging shelf is Fischer Price; mirror frame is from Michael's; silver flooring is from Kate's Paperie; cork pieces are from a tag sale; doll is Bozart. Accessories are Manor House Miniatures, Re-ment, vintage German eBay finds, craft store items, handmade by Nancy Tobey, AG Minis, and Mighty World.

The time it took me: 19 minutes

Sunday, February 12, 2012


I moved my VERO house onto my new work table recently, so my attention has turned back to it for some mild renovating/decorating. This is one of the rooms in the house whose wallpapers have seen better days. I decided to go with some very retro mod scrapbook paper from Lee's Art Supply. I do love the color scheme, and my new "tootsie roll" couch from minimodernistas fit right in!

I've been experimenting with dolls for my current book cover project, and this one did not make the cut. I actually got him at the five dollar store on a whim a while ago. He's a doll from the Twilight series who looks sort of normal until you notice his intense look and um, red eyes! This could be his pad, though, don't you think?!

Credits: Doll is from the Twilight series; couch and pillow are minimodernistas; console is PRD; igloo chairs are CB2; zigzag chairs are Reac; side table is from; rustic side table is a sponge; light fixture is an AG Minis table; orange shelving unit is also AG Minis; wallpaper is scrapbook paper from Lee's Art Supply; rug is a carpet sample; back curtain is a Chilewich placemat. Accessories are AG Minis, vintage German, handmade by The Shopping Sherpa, Lilu Shop on Etsy, and handmade by me.

The time it took me: 22 minutes