Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shaken, but Sorted

So I finally get shelving up in my doll house room in the basement, and New Jersey goes and has an EARTHQUAKE! In New Jersey???! Yup, the effects of a 5.8 earthquake in Virginia were felt all the way up the east cost today. Luckily, it only lasted 10-15 seconds and all is fine. My first, and hopefully last, earthquake.

There's a few posts in the pipeline -- a review of the "Otherworldly" exhibition at the Museum of Arts & Design and a super-surprise-you'll-never-guess post -- so this one will be brief!

At long last, the shelves and brackets purchased for a song at the Crate & Barrel outlet near me are installed and most of my doll houses now are aloft in the room! I also organized a bunch of furnishings in my (not so) spare time on the shelves and reworked the perimeter storage.

Better, right?

I couldn't resist doing a quick scene in the Kaleidoscope House...a celebratory hurrah for that work! Now I just have to keep it all clean!

A reminder to join in on the August ***FREE ALERT*** on the Call of the Small Facebook page. There's some great Re-ment and storage containers up for grabs. You have until Wednesday, August 31, to comment...give it a whirl!

Credits: Couch is a vintage eBay buy; pillow is minimodernistas; side table is vintage VERO; plant is TOMY; rug is handmade by The Shopping Sherpa; table is a drawer pull; light is Re-ment; wall art is an ornament from Crate & Barrel; wallpaper is scrapbook paper. Accessories are Bozart, Manor House Miniatures, beads, and doll house store finds.

The time it took me: 17 minutes (for the K House scene) and I lost count on the organizing and cleaning!


  1. Congratulation on your work space! I'm green with envy :-)

  2. Your sorted shelves look great, I wish I had a big room like yours just for my dollhouse stuff.
    I know exactly how you felt when the earthquake came, we had one in Germany in spring, I was so shocked...but fortunately nothing serious happened. I'm glad to hear that there aren't big damages except of the Washington cathedrals towers ( and hopefully they`re telling the truth about the nuclear power station in Virginia)

  3. Hi...
    Your Dollhouses look Super!

    I am so sorry...I am not in facebook... so I can t make my comment there...
    But I haven`t ever used or even seen Re-ment! :(
    It is no sold here!
    Happy you are OK / the earthquake !
    With hugs

  4. I always look forward to your Sunday posts and now I know what you were up to! This is amazing. I am dying for such a space.

    I would love to see pics of the shelves that appear to have furniture on them. Very interesting. Oh, and we felt the quake too! We ran down the 8 flights of our building here at work super fast.

  5. Love your storage area; so tidy. The drawer pull; who'da thought of that?

  6. Thanks, Neomi! My work space is a huge mess right now, actually. Two of my houses in "rehab" live there: the Citadel and VERO. That room is my next step in de-cluttering my life. :)

  7. Hi, Lilli! Glad you like my room. Yes, the quake was scary, and I am relieved the damages were minimal. I never thought I'd experience one!

  8. Thanks, Kikka! Sorry you cannot participate in my Facebook giveaway, but I hope to have one on my blog soon (perhaps when I reach 500 followers). You must try to buy some Re-ment online...so much fun!

  9. Hi, Beth! That's sweet that you look forward to my weekend posts! :) Yes, I have been cleaning and organizing like mad. We planned out where the shelving would go, and had a handyman dude put up the brackets. The shelves are very sturdy (they were used as display shelves in the Crate & Barrel outlet store), and do the trick! If you click on the second photo of the room, you will see a few shelves in the left of the photo with furniture on them. Right now, they are lined up like little soldiers!

  10. Thanks, Hunky Dory! I do hope it all stays this way...it certainly is easier to find things. The drawer pulls are great, especially if you can find ones with flatter tops and stable bases. I always keep my eyes open for them in antique or thrift stores.

  11. I'm green with envy at your workspace.. mine is the kitchen/dining area and I have storage in the 2nd half of my bedroom - it's bedlam!! Time to move.. or move the kids out haha!!

  12. Everything looks nice! I bet you want more lighting. I'm always pining for spotlights and natural light. Never seems like you can get enough to work with. I must say that my "work" space never stays orderly--even after my big clean. I will now admit that I have a laundry basket full of miniatures from previous scenes on the floor. Yes, I am ashamed.

  13. It looks very good. I think it will be a good help for you.

    You allways have great furniture in your blog

    I can see your BRIO house. I love them.

    Sorry about the earthquake.

  14. I love your room! I hope to have something like this myself one day.

    And what is up with these East Coast earthquakes? This is the SECOND one I have experienced and I live in Charlottesville VA (spitting distance from Mineral).

  15. Hey, MiniAussie! Oh, don't let the pictures fool you too much...it is more organized, but you should see the clutter inside the dollhouses and inside my work rooom! I still have A LOT to put away, including many boxes of Re-ment that need to be unpackaged and sorted :)

  16. Thanks, MC! YES, lighting is still a huge issue for me. The dollhouse room (it's actually only half the room -- my husband has a home office on the other side) has spots and fluorescents, and no natural light. I always have to just deal with it or improvise. How big is that laundry basket?? Better doll house furniture than dirty laundry, I say! ;)

  17. Hi, Lilsdolls! Thanks! I'm glad you noticed my BRIO houses -- one of them is a new one that I have not shown yet on my blog. It needs repairs, unfortunately, since it arrived to me very damaged. Hopefully, I can share more soon!

  18. Thanks, Sandra! Glad you are OK after the latest earthquake. I really never thought I'd experience an earthquake here, and now we've got a state of emergency in NJ due to hurricane Irene! Mother Nature is angry!

  19. Congrats on your workspace. It looks great. Glad your ok from the earthquake. I also never thought I would experience one here in NJ. I will be hunkering down waiting for Irene to hurry up and be done with. Stay safe.. Yes Mother Nature is very angry!.

  20. Thanks, Chynadoll! Yes, we're preparing for Irene too, although with all the preparation, it might just end up being lots of rain -- let's hope for the best!