Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Citadel Stop Short

Progress continues on my Citadel House. I have attacked one side of the house with a vengeance...I WILL convert the traditional decor, even if it means many late nights of sticky wallpapering and Exacto-knifing.

I already posted on a ground floor room, with groovy brown and creme graphic paper, here.

Then I went upstairs to the very top floor and went to work there, using the same vintage brown and silver striped papers I used on the main wall that runs the length of the house. Here's a quick scene to test the waters:

But what of the imposing opposite wall that runs two floors high? I decided to use existing paper I had in my workroom -- color printed versions of Annina's fine scans of her own VERO house papers. I like the result.

This paper also made its way to the second floor room. I painted the ledge nice and white, to hide the scrapes and remnants of paint/paper layers. Here's before and after:

Now I have stopped short. What shall I do with the remaining wall, which runs two floors?

Shall I use the matching papers to adjacent walls (so, brown/silver on top half and VERO paper on the bottom half) or do it all VERO? I'm stumped.


Credits: Eames lounger by Reac; lamp is AG Minis; sideboard is vintage VERO; plant is vintage TOMY; rug is by Peppercorn Minis; glass case is a German eBay find.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Rest of My New VERO

I have set up the other side of my new VERO as a bedroom and kitchen. I definitely know I will replace the flowered wallpaper -- it just doesn't blend with the original paper on the back wall and is a bit too "plain vanilla" for me. I have been searching for vintage papers and will continue to do so. If you see anything you think would work, drop me an email from my profile page!

Here are some pictures of the bedroom:

The kitchen is here; note on the front door -- I am working with Elizabeth over at Elf Miniatures to fabricate one like the original. I just need to sand down the sides to get the frame even enough so that she can do her magic:

And the whole house:

Speaking of wallpapering, I did more in the Citadel, and decided to focus on the interior wall that runs the height of the house. Here is what it looked like before:

I found some very nice neutral brown and silver papers on UK eBay and pasted them in sections, here:

You see my challenge with the remaining walls on this side of the house -- they were painted (over two layers of paper) in a terra cotta that does not work for me at all. I think I might try for a creme or something that picks up on the silvery gray in the new brown papers. Because I had to paste it in sections, you can see seams, which is not ideal. I am somewhat comforted by the fact that the very large three-section stairwell (now in pieces, needing repair) will join to this wall, so I think it will conceal the flaws.

Credits: Bedroom set is vintage German and came with the house; coverlet is Bozart; pillow is handmade by Tarkus; red lamps are vintage German; hexagon rugs are by Peppercorn Minis (thanks, Glenda!); Eames chair and ottoman are Reac; dress form is by Manor House Miniatures; kitchen pieces came with my Citadel House; table is vintage Modella; lucite chairs are vintage eBay finds; plant is vintage TOMY; cat is Playmobil City; accessories are Re-ment, AG Minis, eBay, and DRAP in Spain.

Re-ment: I have written about the Re-ment in this scene with a few exceptions. In the kitchen, the coffee pot and box of coffee are from Megahouse Pop 'N Kitchen #7, and are good for 1:12. The gold mirror in the bedroom is from Pretty Placement #10, and is good for 1:12.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

One Room at a Time

It's been close to a year since I brought my Citadel home from Chicago, via a very ambitious family road trip (from New Jersey!). The house sits in my workroom and I get to it whenever I can. I took a big leap this week and applied wallpaper to a small room off the kitchen. The room is likely a powder room, but I saw it as a sunny sitting room.

This is the "before" paper, which was in very good condition, just not to my taste:

I then went retro and pasted on some vintage papers I found on UK eBay; the challenge was keeping it even and the pattern linked into a consistent swath:

This house is HUGE, so this room only represents a mini step, but I felt good about taking the leap. It's a big commitment to wallpaper, but I want to start myself on a roll of activity, even if it means doing it into the late hours and waking up with luggage under my eyes!

Credits: Pixel chair and ottoman are by minimodernistas; light is vintage Strombecker; plant is from Lolly's; rug is by The House that Jacq Built; side table is vintage German; vases are Barbie by Jonathan Adler; book is AG Minis.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Vintage Fold-Away Doll House

Oh, if only we could take our dolls houses with us wherever we go, just like George Jetson and his (flying) car-that-folds-into-a-suitcase. :)

Well, now I can! I found this very neat vintage "Fold-Away Doll House," made in 1949, through a US eBay seller ($5.99). Published by Rudolph J. Gutmann (New York), the book states that the rooms were designed by a Catherine Barnes. Made of heavy cardboard, the "house" is fashioned as a book, but opens into a tri-fold that reveals panels of brightly-colored rooms that prop up into a kitchen, dining/living room, and a bedroom.

Here is the cover and the back:

And the inside:

You'll see from the cover illustration that it originally came with "punch-out" furniture, none of which survives here. A little bit of internet searching showed that ones in very good condition with the furniture go for $120 or so. Given the lack of said punch-out furniture, I had to use some of my own:

It was fun and challenging to work off a two dimensional backdrop that represents three dimensional objects. I used all different scales, but 1:16 worked best. Storage is easy on this one...makes me want to add more to my collection. I'd love to find a similar one from the 1960s.

Credits: Kitchen: table, chairs, and side table are vintage Jean of West Germany; sink is vintage German; plates, dish soap and treats are Re-ment; bowl is an eBay find. Living room: chair is a vintage eBay find; table is vintage Petite Princess; marble bust is my husband's; sideboard and pink pot with flower are vintage German; books are handmade by Oese; vase is Manor House Miniatures. Bedroom: bed and rocking horse are vintage German; cradle is vintage Fisher Price; toys are Re-ment and Japanese erasers.

Re-ment: I have written about the Re-ment in these scenes with a few exceptions. In the kitchen, the treats and white plates are from Bread & Butter #10, "Elegant Muffins and Scones," and are slightly large for 1:12. The flowered tray is from Princess Tea Party #4, and is large for 1:12. The soap on the sink is from Is Dinner Ready Yet #10, "Clean Kitchen," and is good for 1:12.

Friday, March 12, 2010

My New (Old) VERO

I still remember the feeling of coming down into my kitchen on the morning of my fifth birthday and seeing a brand new white dolls house with pink trim sitting on the table as a surprise. I rubbed my eyes, clapped, and jumped up and down in my yellow nightgown. Isn't it funny how we recall the small details of what were such monumental events in our childhood?

Well, perhaps that same memory surfaced when I saw this VERO house on German eBay last month. Unlike my other VERO, this large house came disassembled (as is intentional - it is called "das zerlegbare puppenhaus," or collapsible/able to be taken apart dolls house) and is oriented more traditionally at 1:10 scale. You can see a picture of it here on the puppenhausmuseum website; it is from 1966 and is identified as VERO via a marking in the wonderful green "stained glass" window upstairs, in the picture above.

Here is the front. The doors are unfortunately missing, but it is my intent to try to get them fabricated.

The lovely owner restored the house with love and care, and packaged it extremely well for its long journey from Germany. It is in wonderful condition and retains the original floor coverings and some wallpapers. She replaced some of the papers; at some point, I might re-do the flowered paper as it is not completely to my liking.

The living room scene features some furniture that came from the seller with the house, and they are lovely complements to the flowers in the large window. I am pleased that the window has no tears and is in excellent condition.

Very sleepy = I'll post on the other rooms soon!

Credits: Couch, chairs and credenza are vintage VERO; coffee table is by Paris Renfroe; lamp is vintage German; sink is an eBay find; tub is a soap dish; and toilet is IKEA. Accessories are Re-ment, Bodo Hennig, Bozart, MAR Toys, and Mighty World.