Thursday, January 28, 2010

Before the Next Flight

I saw the movie Up in the Air recently. George Clooney plays a professional hatchet man who travels over 320 days a year. His "home" was a spare and bare bachelor pad, and was merely a stopping point until his next flight. He used his frequency as a flier to completely distance himself emotionally from others. Eventually, he gets in touch with himself and reconnects with family, but overall it was a bit of a downer movie. Nevertheless, it inspired me to create a scene for the flight attendant who might be on his next journey. I wonder how relaxing that job is...I, for one, likely would be stressed out most of the time, in need of a nice dip in a pool or a soak in a hot tub. :)

Credits: "Hot tub" is a soap dish from Bed, Bath and Beyond; white shelf, shoes, tea set-up on table, thermometer, and "rug" and flight bag inside are Re-ment; table is vintage Modella; white chairs are Reac; towel hook, standing lamp, and pillow on bed are AG Minis; "towel" on hook is Marimekko fabric; chairs inside and cabinet are vintage German (thanks, Oese!); "towels" in cabinet are tissues; flower stand and lights on cabinet are also vintage German; kidney-shaped side table is Ryan's Room; chess set is an eBay find; bed, bed platform, and hot tub platform are from the Villa Sibi; coverlet is Bozart; painting is Lundby. Accessories in cabinet are Re-ment and from dollhouse stores.

Re-ment: I have written about the Re-ment in this scene with a few exceptions. The honey jar and honey stick are from Re-ment Bakery # 5, and is a bit large for 1:12, but works. The cup and saucer are from Megahouse Pop 'n Kitchen # 4, and are good for 1:12. In the cabinet: the pink clock is from Storage Beauty #10, "Pretty Placement," and is good for 1:12. The pink perfume bottle and larger pink jar are from Flirty Pink, #5, and are large for 1:12. The flight bag and thermometer are from Natalie's French Goods #6, and are good for 1:12. The flowered creamer is from Princess Tea Party # 2, and is a bit large for 1:12, but works. The deer head on the top shelf is from Princess Tea Party # 3, and works for 1:12.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Big Bath, Big Thanks!

This is the first time I have used the K House great room as a bath. I've used it as a bedroom, kitchen, and of course a living space many times, but never a bathroom. Our real "master" bath is anything but - it's a very narrow and tiny space, but at least it is ours and we don't have to share it with the kids. We couldn't anyway!!

In case you are wondering about the backdrop, it is a framed photograph that I propped up to hide the wall behind the house. I've used the vintage German cabinet (thanks, Oese!) as pillow storage, kind of like a linen closet (with less folding to do!).

By the way, today marks my first full year of blogging. THANK YOU for following and for tuning in and leaving your comments. It brings me great joy to write about and photograph my minis, and I love learning from others out there. Cheers!

Credits: Sink, bathtub, and toilet are vintage Bodo Hennig (thanks, Oese!); artwork is Bozart; Eames lounger is Reac; lamp is vintage Petite Princess; side table, wire basket, flower vase on bath, purse, and orange dresser and light are Re-ment; couch is vintage VERO; pillow is handmade by Tarkus; plant is an aquarium plant; cabinet is vintage German; coffee table is Lil' Bratz; vase on coffee table is a bead from Pubdoll; white rug is The House That Jacq Built; dress form is from Pain d'epices. Accessories are Re-ment, Pain d'epices, vintage TOMY, DRAP, Lundby, AG Minis, Manor House Miniatures, Ryan's Room, and Bozart.

Re-ment: I have written about the Re-ment in this scene with two exceptions: the mirror and brush on the dresser are from the secret set Cosmetics "Actress," #5, and are good for 1:12.

Monday, January 18, 2010


I've posted in the past on one of my career paths that never took flight: museum curator. I have friends who are curators and like to be friends with them, but would not want to compete with them for a job or an exhibit! These are tough, opinionated, passionate people who tend to work very hard for very little appreciation (or at least that was the art world climate in New York City in the early 1990s). So, this is my conception of a curator's home, likely in a European city.

The lovely little wood scene in glass came from Germany from an eBay seller I work with often, daspuppenhaus. It has amazing detail and I haven't seen anything like this before.

I am very excited to have used this room in the VERO. The wallpaper is courtesy of Annina, who scanned some of her VERO papers for me recently. I decided to print it at 100%, so the pattern may be larger than hers, but I think it looks nice. I have not pasted the paper yet, and thought I would try it out. The flooring is covered with neutral scrapbook paper.

I have decided for now to leave the original acetate windows, even though they are torn in places. They give this a gloomy, solitary feel. Not to say curators live this existence, but when working, they likely do!

Credits: White chair is Reac; rug is AG Minis; cowhide chaise and desk are by Paris Renfroe; desk lamp and standing double lamp are both vintage German; the sideboard is vintage German as well, bought from Oese; the glass box with wooden scene is a vintage eBay find; typewriter, tea pot, pencil and mug are Re-ment; books are handmade by Oese and AG Minis; silver pot is from the Tiny Doll House store; horse bookends are vintage Petite Princess; ball clock is handmade by Pubdoll; plant is vintage TOMY; and black/white vases are Mattel (Jonathan Adler for Barbie).

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Time for Tomy

I made some time for my Tomy Sylvanian, which I have not done in a very long time. I had a mini, mini incentive: a Tomy Sylvanian replica doll house for my doll house! It's pretty adorable, and I was able to fit two 1:144 pieces in it.

I have to say that it was a bit easier working in this smaller house than in the K house. There is a straightforward simplicity to the space that makes it very manageable to do a scene! I should come back to it more often!

Credits: Downstairs - Gold drum chair is vintage Petite Princess; wall hanging unit is AG Minis; purse is handmade by Oese; vase is Bozart; shelving units and plant stand are Re-ment; kitchen table is vintage Bodo Hennig; lucite chairs are eBay finds; light is vintage Lundby; plant is Playmobil with a craft store pot; coffee table is vintage German; Upstairs - "rug" is Re-ment; chair is Reac; lamp is Bozart; table is vintage German (Modella?); sideboard is vintage Barton; Eiffel Tower is a laser cut craft from Michael's; mirror came with the house; picture on floor came with my VERO house; mini Sylvanian is a UK eBay find; custom 1:144 furniture is by SDK Miniatures. Accessories are MAR Toys, Bozart, AG Minis, Mighty World, Re-ment, Manor House Miniatures, and Lil' Bratz.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Night Blues

We joke in my house how I suffer from the "Sunday Night Blues." This means I get a bit gloomy when Sunday night rolls around, because I am sad the weekend is gone and I wonder what I accomplished. The weekend always goes; accomplishments are not as certain!

So, blue was my color today and I gravitated toward the Lundby Stockholm bathroom. I've used it as a bathroom and laundry room, but not a bedroom before. I got some new vintage German bedroom pieces and decided to put them to use here, in addition to some girlie accents. I tried two different kinds of light: incandescent (more shadows) and fluorescent. I think I prefer the latter.

This weekend I actually did accomplish some major organizing in my doll house room. We bought a lovely wood dresser from a Crate and Barrel outlet recently - it was marked down from $799 to $59 (!!), so I figured why not. The catch was one drawer was missing and there were no drawer pulls. I purchased some drawer pulls and filled the two drawers with Reac chairs and some plastic organizers.

I also got some smaller boxes that came in a pack of four...the colors were so similar to the K House, I had to get them.

I was able to re-package and sort by volume and chair all of my Reac, so they are better protected and inventoried. I also filled the organizers (mostly Re-ment) according to some logic. Now I feel I have a better handle on what I have, and it was actually easier for me to put this scene together.

I cannot believe how much stuff I have accumulated over the past year - it was just over one year ago that my husband gave me the Villa Sibi for Christmas. I think he regrets that decision every day! :)

Credits: Bed and night table are vintage German; torchiere light is Playmobil; egg table, globe, lava lamp, pink filing boxes, and pink purse are Re-ment; chair is Reac; backpack is a Japanese eraser; rug and wall organizer are AG Minis; artwork is Bozart; clock is Sanrio. Accessories are AG Minis and Mighty World.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Another Schoenhut Makes an Appearance

Art Deco love...a rare Schoenhut "Malibu" doll house from the 1930s is up for sale on eBay. Quite a lovely, simple house at a not-so-simple price of $499, not including shipping!

I love the simplicity and vintage lines, and it looks to be in very good condition. Another Malibu sold a few weeks ago for just over $400, but it was a slightly more elaborate style and in somewhat worse condition.

If you grab this gem, let us know!

Images courtesy of eBay listing

UPDATE, 1/12/10: The house sold for $499!