Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mini Meaning

Not that I need more excuses to like minis...but my nine-year old daughter and I are able to have fun and connect through them. I think she is genuinely curious about my hobby, she knows how important it is to me, and in general is pretty careful with my things.

I stayed home from work on Monday since I fell down a flight of stairs (don't ask, it's been a crazy few weeks), and she was feeling a bit punky, so we stayed home together. I was cleaning up the carnage from three different scenes, and she suggested she do a scene in the Villa Sibi, but NOT with too much of my help. It's hard to resist my control freak mechanism, but I did indeed let go and she set up here very own scene!

I did not move anything around or switch things out, even though I was tempted. :)

Credits: Could I pass on credits since this is not my scene? I feel very lazy tonight. White sectional couches by Bozart; wooden stool is made of two salt cellars (OK, that had some help from me); "rug" is origami paper; Eames elephant is Reac; dog is my daughter's; guitar and piano (check out her sheet music!) are Nodameggaki; Hello Kitty light is Sanrio; Easter Island head is from Barnes & Noble; plant and small round table by dog are Re-ment; table and chairs are vintage Topper Toys; Mini Sibi is handmade by Oese; Mini Sibi table and Easter Island head pedestal are from the Villa Sibi; and artwork is gift packaging. Accessories are Re-ment, our local toy store, Manor House Miniatures, and handmade by Oese.

Re-ment: I have written about the Re-ment in this scene with a few exceptions. The place mat, knife, and cups on the table are from Megahouse Pop 'n Kitchen #5 and are all good for 1:12. The chair and light in the Mini Sibi are from Beauty Storage #10, "Pretty Placement" and are good as minis in 1:12!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Skeleton Crew

I find it very hard to pass by the $1 bin at Target (or walking out of there without spending $75 on things I did not come there to buy). I recently saw these skeleton party favors and while not a big fan of Halloween, thought I might put them to use in one of my houses.

A $1 package of scrapbook paper also made it into my bag, so that has shown up as a "carpet" for these carousing and contemplative skeletons and their spider friends.

Credits: Skeletons and pumpkin "carpet" are from Target; orange chairs and couch are vintage Bodo Hennig; guitar is Nodamegakki; Nelson couch and black lounger are Reac; fuzzy cabinet, orange flower side table, and bar are AG Minis; gold ball chair is Lil' Bratz; white round table is vintage Lundby; blond wood coffee table is vintage VERO; checkers table and striped lamp are Bozart; orange dresser, tiny "egg" stools by fireplace, chicken phone, and s'mores set are Re-ment; large orange vase is vintage Fiestaware; small yellow and white chairs are vintage Fisher Price; Ibsen book is handmade by Oese; orange polka dot pillows are handmade by Tarkus. Accessories are from my kids, Re-ment, Manor House Miniatures, Ryan's Room, and Mighty World.

Re-ment: I have written about the Re-ment in this scene with a few exceptions. The s'mores set is from Mini Sweets #10, and is a bit large for 1:12, but works. The fish-shaped wine bottles on the bar are from Black Cat Italian Restaurant # 6 and they are good as large bottles in 1:12. The Pellegrino bottle is also from Black Cat Italian Restaurant #1, and is good for 1:12. The orange dresser also comes in white and is fine as a large piece in 1:12. It also comes with a workable lamp, which I have not used here.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Typing Time

Seeing this typewriter reminds me of being in high school (before the age of personal computers) and typing out my papers. I kind of miss the simplicity, but appreciate the (simple) complexity of today's conveniences. :) I am motivated by color, so the yellow and black set the tone for the scene, hence Mr. Penguin had to make an appearance!

You'll see some photos with a wall covering, some without. I decided to put up some strips of origami paper, mostly to see if I could succeed in hiding the outlets!

Pubdoll is a wonder, and has created this beautiful ball clock for me. It is amazing and looks fantastic. I am so pleased to have it. Now I need a 1:1 one!

Credits: Bed by AG Minis; Eames elephant by Reac; table is vintage Bodo Hennig; chair and lamp are vintage German; small table is vintage Petit Princess; typewriter, coffee pot, storage unit, plant, crayons and sketch book are Re-ment; "wallpaper" are strips of origami paper; artwork is a tarot card; cowhide rug and books are by Oese; ball clock by Pubdoll; pillow is by Tarkus; small instrument is by Nodamegakki; vases at foot of bed are Bozart; glass vases are beads; clear shell was a freebie with a Re-ment order. Accessories are Re-ment, AG Minis, Bozart, Mighty World, and our local toy store.

Re-ment: I've written about the Re-ment in this scene with a few exceptions. Coffee pot is from Black Cat Italian Restaurant #5, and is good for 1:12. The storage unit is from Storage Beauty #10, "Display Shelf," and is also good for 1:12. The plant is from the Room series # 3, and is a bit on the small size, but good for 1:12. The plant pot is actually a cooking stand for a pot from I Love Kyoto #1 "Traditional Conger Cuisine." It works for 1:12 as I have re-purposed it. The typewriter is from one of my favorite sets, Natalie's French Sundries # 5, and works for 1:12. The crayons and sketch pad are from another terrific set, My Favorite Stationery # 8, and are good for 1:12.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

But I Couldn't Help It!

Yes, I have purchased doll house #8, this time from German eBay (shipping = ouch). I don't yet have a great picture of it, just this tiny one from the listing**:

I truly love this style of house. It is definitely German, likely from the 1960s. The seller could not tell me of any markings on the house, but said it was from the DDR (former East Germany) and rare, but lots of sellers say their items are rare, so not sure. I could see it looks like it needs some rehab, but hopefully is not in too bad a shape. I do not yet have a copy of Zillner's International guide, so I don't have a quick reference to identify it, but will do more looking.

I did see on the Puppenhaus Museum website a Gottschalk house that is not the same, but looks a bit similar:

(photo courtesy of Puppenhaus Museum website)

My challenge, as always, is to find space for it. Right now, we are considering selling our piano (which came with our house) in our living room to create a distinct area for display and storage that looks attractive. But that takes time and money, so for now, the house may stay boxed up after it arrives to me. I have not purchased a house from overseas, so I am a bit nervous about it arriving in one piece! I am also a bit frightened of the work that may need to be done, and the time I do not have to accomplish it!

**10/12/09:Oese sent me pictures from the eBay listing that are larger -- thanks, Oese!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Brown Time

Well, I really mean "Down Time," but the scene ended up with lots of brown/yellow/creme hues. The anchor of the room is a new (but vintage) shelving piece I scored from German eBay. The round table came with it, as did a smaller rectangular table I did not use.

The piece is a nice way to show off some nice handmade books by Oese, as well as some smaller Re-ment items on the bottom shelf that took a lot of patience to situate properly (the bird candle kept falling down). The coffee table is a Re-ment invention -- a tray from the Lovely Chocolate series (received in a swap with Tarkus) atop a shelving box. Now there's a thought...edible furniture!!! :)

UPDATE, 10/10/09: While looking through the Puppenhaus Museum website, I came across a few pictures of Modella furniture, and saw this picture, which leads me to believe the shelving unit* is indeed Modella (photo courtesy of the Puppenhaus website):

Credits: Striped console by Paris Renfroe; abstract artwork and white poof are Lundby; white chair is Reac; standing light and brown hanging light are AG Minis; daisy stand and white couch are Bozart; dog is from a game called "Lucky Puppy Math"; shelving unit and round table are vintage German eBay finds (Modella?)*; gold drum chair is vintage Petite Princess; antique marble bust is my husband's; coffee table and stand, potted plant, and tea service are Re-ment; "rug" is a paper coaster; long grasses are aquarium plants; white "rug" is gift wrapping; lucite chairs are an eBay find; and "Drink" wall art is a cork coaster. Accessories are Re-ment, Manor House Miniatures, Pain d'epices; MAR Toys, and hobby shop items.

Re-ment: I have written about the Re-ment in this scene with a few exceptions. The coffee table is from Lovely Chocolate, # 9, and is a bit large for 1:12, but can be re-purposed. The bird candle is from Beauty Storage, # 3, and is good for 1:12. The two jars are from Is Dinner Ready Yet?, #9, "Fried Dumplings," and are good for 1:12 as condiment jars or display. The teapot is from the Megahouse set "Cafe de Cake," # 6, and is a bit large, but good for 1:12.