Friday, May 8, 2009

Stockholm, Baby

I spent my birthday in Stockholm. Well, not really, but you might say I spent it with Stockholm, as in the Lundby Stockholm.

What a neat house. I love the shape, colors, pull out pool, and it's nice to work in a smaller scale and create new spaces. I was also thrilled to not have a complicated assembly -- just snapping in the railings on the top. I will say that I am a bit disappointed in the quality. I knew it was plastic, but I found the finishing not to be 100%. In the bathroom, the wallpaper does not go evenly around the window, and there were spots on the terraces where I could see glue and other irregularities in the flooring. Small. but noticeable to me. After all, I am all about seeing the small! :)

Here's my first attempt setting up scenes. I definitely need to get used to seeing the outlets in the pictures (haven't gotten to the transformer stage), and I felt that artwork was mandatory in the main living space. It looked so bare without it. The floor sculpture is actually a shell I found in (no, not the beach) the store TJ Maxx ($2!).

I love the serene bathroom space, and I was happy to use my first toilet, from IKEA. LOVE this potty, so clean and simple.

In the upstairs I did a simple bedroom with some vintage furniture. I didn't want to over-accessorize, so it too is spare. Dig the wallpaper and carpet in this room.

All in all, I am very happy with my purchase, but hope I can resist the impulse to amass Stockholm-specific items (I also wonder about the quality).

Credits: Console and wenge stool by Paris Renfroe; desk light is vintage German; folding chair is Manor House Miniatures; Le Corbusier and Mies Barcelona chairs by Reac Japan; rug is The House That Jacq Built; side table is Re-ment; "sculpture" is from TJ Maxx; artwork is Colin McCahon; bathroom sink and toilet by IKEA; plant is vintage TOMY; bathroom shelving unit and white stool in bedroom is Lundby Smaland; bed from Villa Sibi; lamp is AG Minis; dresser and chairs are vintage; accessories by AG Minis, Re-ment, ELF Miniatures, Manor House Miniatures, and IKEA.


  1. Congratulations! To your birthday and to this wonderful house. I especially like the room with the great window to the loggia (?). And I like to see, how different people make different szenes with this house. I woud like to have the Stockholm too. Or better the Villa Sibi? Or both?

  2. Love it! Welcome to the Stockholm club!

  3. I'e been very happy with the quality of the Stockholm pieces. Remember that you can also use the Gothenberg, Smaland and Gotland furniture and Gotland furniture and accessories in this house (the Gotland lighting set is particularly scrummy).

    And here's a shameless plug for my eBay store with some good Lundby package deals, combined postage and very favourable exhange rates against the US dollar:

    *shameless plug over*

  4. Thanks, Oese. Yes, even with this new house, I want others!

    Hi Altera! Happy to be a member :)

    Thanks, Shopping Sherpa. Good to know I have options on accessories and furniture. I've only purchased a Smaland piece so far.

  5. I have been out of town lately, so here is a late birthday greeting! So nice you have got the Stockholm too, and I like what you have done with it so far! Love your vintage German lamp!

  6. Yea, more Stockholm ideas! I can't wait to see what you do with yours. I agree with Pubdoll, that little lamp is fantastic.

  7. Thanks, Pubdoll, welcome back! Miss your posts!

  8. Hi Christy -- I think it's a bit of a challenge working in the smaller scale, but it is a neat house. I like the little lamp, too. It actually has a long cord with these two little rounded prongs. Have no clue how to make it work!